About the researcher

Dr Janet Fulton is a Lecturer in communication and media at the University of Newcastle.

Janet’s research focus includes journalism, social media, international media, creativity and cultural production, journalism education, and the future of journalism in the digital age. Her research in these areas have been presented at national and international conferences and published in journals including Journalism Practice, Review of Communication, the Australian Journalism ReviewAltitude, eJournalist and Journalism Education.

Janet’s PhD examined how print journalists produced their work and she is now fascinated by and eager to research newer forms of journalism, such as online, digital and social media. Researching in these areas will help communication and media students to adapt to producing in the digital age.

The journalism industry is in a state of flux with new media practices and platforms, as are other media industries. How can we prepare students for working in a new media environment? It is crucial that students are prepared to industry expectations and while “content is still king”, being aware of and researching the different ways media producers will be producing, and preparing Communication students to work in future media environments, is an area Janet is interested in researching.

Further information on Janet can be found at her University of Newcastle researcher page and on LinkedIn and Academia.edu. Janet can be found on Twitter at @JanetFulton.

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