About the research

This site is about a study that Dr Janet Fulton from the University of Newcastle is conducting.

A new type of media professional, with entrepreneurial skills, has emerged in the contemporary media environment in Australia – a professional that is informing the public but stretching the boundaries of journalism.

The aim of this study is to investigate these new media professionals – what platforms and technologies they use, how they monetise their work, and how they have adapted their skills to work in the online environment.

Media producers in the West have been faced with changes in the way content is produced and consumed with changes in technology, digitisation of content, and convergence each playing a part in a transforming media landscape. However, with these new technologies, different opportunities have opened up for media content producers, and there is an urgent need for empirical evidence on these new media professionals and how they work and survive in the digital media landscape.

We know, anecdotally, that these new media professionals exist, and research in New Zealand has shown that bloggers are becoming increasingly active in the media domain and have “started to fill the gap in public interest journalism left by the commercially operated media corporates” (Myllylahti, 2013, p. 42), however there is little empirical data at the moment that asks the research questions this study is seeking to answer.

Janet is looking for participants who are willing to be interviewed. If you are interested, check the Who can take part in the research? page.


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